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Dealers in Medical Equipments
We Can Source All Your Medical Equipment Needs

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Electrosurgical Generator
LED  Examination Lamps ,Mobile,  Wall Mounted
LED and Halogen Surgical Lights
Vital Sign Monitors
Patient Monitors
ECG Machines
Patient Stretchers

Medical Sundries

Safelet IV Catheters 24gx3/4"
85.50Single Suction Catheter 14FR (sterile)
Single Suction Catheter 12FR (sterile)
Single Suction Catheter 10FR (sterile)
Single Suction Catheter 16FR (sterile)
Emesis Basin 6" 12oz
Emesis Basin 8" 12oz
Emesis Basin 10" 12oz
Cervical Scrappers 500's
Conforming Bandages 6" NS 12's
Oxygen Masks (Adult)  w/o tubing
Aerosol Mask w Neb +Tub Adult
Oxygen Masks (Paed)  w/o tubing
Aerosol Mask w Neb +Tub Paed
Vaginal Speculums (Disposable) Medium 10's
Vaginal Speculums (Disposable) Large 10's
Tongue Depressors  500's
Gauze Sponge 3' NS 8ply 200/bag
Gauze Sponge 4" NS 8ply 200/bag
Cotton Tipped Aplicators NS 10x10's
Aerosol Masks Adult
Aerosol Masks Paed
Specimen Containers  Non-Sterile 20'S
Specimen Containers  Sterile
Scalp Vein Butterfly Sets 19G W/12" tubing
Scalp Vein Butterfly Sets 23G W/12" tubing
Microscope Slides 3"x1"  72's( Frosted)
Microscope Slides 3"x1"  72's (Plain)
Insulin Syringe w needle 1cc 30G 10 x 10
Conforming Bandages 2"   NS 12's
Conforming Bandages 3"  NS 12's
Conforming Bandages 4" NS 12's
Umbilical Clamps Disposable (Sterile)- 50's

In The Pipe Line


Wosulin 70/30 Insulin Injection 10ml vial  (Recombinant Human r-DNA Insulin)
Wosulin 70/30 Insulin Injection 3ml cartridge
Wosulin R Insulin Injection - 10ml vial
Wosulin R Insulin Injection 3ml cartridge
Wosulin N Insulin Injection 10ml vial
Wosulin N Insulin Injection 3 ml cartridge


Repoitin (Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Alpha)
Pentavalent Combination Vaccine, DTP-HB-hib
Influenza Vaccine (Human, Live Attenuated Pandemic (H1N1))


Miometa Cream 15gm (Bethamethasone)
Myconal Cream 15gm (Clotrimazole)
Astrapenem 1g & 500mg (Meropenem)
Aspime  1g & 500mg (Cefipime)
Moxied- CLV 1.2 & .6g  (Amoxy-clav)
Astaz-P  4.5 & 2.25g (Tazo + Piperacillin)


Aziwok 500MG TABS 3's (Azithromycin)
Bestum 500mg Injection Vial (Ceftazadime)
Bestum 1gm Injection (Ceftazidime)
Hb Rich Syrup 200ml   (Cyanocobalamine)
Kefstar Tabs 250mg 10's (Cefuroxime Axetil)
Kefstar Tabs 500mg 10's (Cefuroxime Axetil)
Kefstar Oral Suspension 125mg/5ml 50ml(Cefuroxime Axetil)
Wokadine Topical Solution 10% 500ml(Povidone Iodine)
Rocin Ointment 2% -Tube of 15gm (Mupirocin)
Ufen cream 1% - 20gm    (Ciclopirox Olamine)
Ufen - v - vaginal cream 1%  40gm   (Ciclopirox Olamine)
Ketorin Lotion 60ml (Ketoconazole BP 2% & Zinc Pyrithione 1%)
Dolovon Gel - 30gm (Diclofenac Diethylammonium with Methyl Salicylate)


Bacterial Vaccines
Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine single dose  (Adsorbed)
Haemophilus Influenza Type B - 1 dose 
Triple Antigen
Diphtheria Tetanus Prussia (Paed) 10 dose   (Adsorbed)
Dual Antigen
Diphtheria Tetanus Adults & Adolescent 10 dose  (Adsorbed)
Viral Vaccines
Hepatitis B Vaccine (rDNA) 0.5ml (paed) 1 dose 
Hepatitis B Vaccine (rDNA) 1ml (adult) 1 dose 
Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine Live USP (Lypholised) 1 DOSE 

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